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Cubans are of mixed heritage: Spanish descent, Black African ancestry and Asians. At least 50 percent of the population is classified as mulatto (mixed African and European descent).

Cubans are sociable, loquacious, friendly, warm and welcoming people. It’s hard to find some Cuban who is not happy to go out or does not love music, and mainly dancing and laughing. They like joking and normally face difficulties with a positive attitude.


It’s difficult to conceptualize the difference between the street and home as most of the doors are wide open and the social life mostly takes place in the streets and balconies. Cubans have a casual view of time, and punctuality and schedules are not stressed.

They enjoy passing most of the day outside: talking, flirting or just looking around. In almost every Cuban’s life the family plays a central role, Cubans seek support and community from extended families.